Ability to give to Bakken Oil Rush Ministry online now available!


We have added a donate tab to our website. We have been asked if there was a easy way to support our ministry here in the Bakken Oil field. Now there is, just click on the donate tab and options are available there for you to use.

Everything that we give away has been donated to us. We operate out of this 29 foot travel unit. We store donated items in the basement of  the Glory of the Lord church as well as 2 storage units we rent. We sort the donated items in the fellowship hall of the First Presbyterian church. We are praying for a place where we can sort and store the donated items in one location.

In Watford City, everything is expensive, and available buildings seem to be out of reach for us because of price.

We are praying for land and/or a building where we can operate the Thrift Center, have 3-4 rooms for people to stay while finding jobs and housing, a multi-purpose room for holding events, washers and dryers that families can use short-term, a full kitchen for cooking and baking for events and for women to be able to make items that they can’t in their small camper ovens.

This is just a short overview of what we wish to accomplish here in Watford City.

New families are moving here virtually everyday, hoping for a new start. We want to do all we can to help them and make them feel welcome.

We would appreciate any help you can give us. Thank you for considering donating to this front-line ministry.

God Bless you!

Jim and Kathie


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