18 families signed in today, representing 84 people

We were so much busier today than we anticipated. Because we were open three days last week, we thought it might be a little slow this week. WRONG DEDUCTION! We had eighteen families sign in for help which represented 84 people. 15 of these were first time visitors. There are new families moving to Watford City every week, and somehow they are hearing about us.

Today it was kitchen items they were in need of. We are finding that it is a big need of people moving into Watford City. They bring some clothes, but don’t bring dishes and cookware. Fortunately, we had dishes, cups, silverware and crockpots to give.

Thank you to all who have donated items or funds, so that we can have on hand what these people need.

We tell them we’re here to help you make Watford City home.

It was a very good day, and lots of folks will sleep with less stress in their lives tonight, and know that God and the Oil Rush Ministry care as well.

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