Our “Think Spring” spaghetti feed was a success!


Pictured on the left  is a table of  folks enjoying spaghetti, salad and breadsticks.

The picture on the right is of Pastor Bob, Lyle andPastor Barb, three of our helpers for the night.

We were able to feed 125 people last Friday night. I can’t believe it’s almost a week behind us now. I was so busy I didn’t take many pictures, but these two tell the story. Everyone, including the workers were having fun. We had at least 12 people who volunteered to help. We could not have done it without their help. Not pictured is a gal who worked tirelessly along side of Kathie to put the meal together and help with all the setup, prep work and cooking. Kathy Tretter, You are a blessing that we appreciate so much!!

We had a good number of folks come who have been through our Mobile Thrift Center as well as single guys, and men who are here without their families. A free meal they didn’t have to cook was a blessing to them…and that’s the idea!

Additionally, we had a number of folk who asked if they could help pay for the meal and when we added up the donations at the end of the night…it was just enough to cover our cost. Praise God for His faithfulness!

And yes….we’ll do it again! Just getting people together that spend so much time alone to be with other folks and enjoy a good meal was very meaningful to them and to us as well.

Keep us in your prayers as we seek to find more ways to help those in need and those who are away from their families and experiencing loneliness.

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