Re-cap of our December Christmas Celebration event!

I was getting ready to do a post for this Saturday the 30th and saw that I had not done a re-cap of our Christmas Celebration here.…sorry! If you haven’t seen the recap on our Fb page here it is…late…but still a great event with wonderful memories!

Enjoy the pictures from our December 19th, Saturday night Christmas Celebration.
We had a wonderful time and so did the 160 to 170 that attended the event. We had 82 kids who all received a new unwrapped present of their choosing…and then received a secondary present as well. Much joy in the house!
Thanks to the 34 volunteers who worked hard to make this a success, from setup, to kitchen help, to servers, to present delivery help, to cleanup folks. We absolutely could not have done this without you.
We are humbled and amazed by the support and tireless effort of the volunteers and also local businesses who donated money for gifts and doorprizes. Also, we must thank Legacy UMC church in Bismark for collecting a good number of gifts to help support this event.
We believe lives have been touched and encouraged because of this evening. To God be the glory!!


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