We had a very busy give-away yeserday afternoon!

We had 28 families/people come to our Mobile Thrift Center yesterday afternoon. We had at least 30 extra tubs of clothing available besides what we had in the mobile trailer.

We had received a number of requests for clothing for kids going back to school. We also had requests for quite a number of kitchen items as well.

We are grateful we had the items to help these people. Some people have moved out, but a great number are staying, but many have had their hours cut. This makes it very difficult for them to pay for their housing and other expenses. We can help by filling in some of the gaps. The food pantry here in Watford City is also seeing an increase in the number of families using their services. We are open the same days and hours as the food pantry so folks can get food and clothing help with one trip to town.

Thanks for all you do to make our mission here possible and successful!

Jim and Kathie Konsor

Bakken Oil Rush Ministry

One thought on “We had a very busy give-away yeserday afternoon!

  1. Is there a mail list or a site we can go on to get updates on when you will be having those big sales. I am in need of school clotges but i never hear about these functions. So I always miss them.

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