My, how time flies. The last post announced the Gathering place event June 18th. Little did I know that Kathie was combining this event with a surprise birthday party for me. ()My birthday was the 19th). We had 50 to 55 people there. What a great time we had.  We had another Gathering Place event last Thursday evening and had 29 folks come. It is building and we are having new families come each time we hold this event. It’s a great time to have a home-cooked meal, meet new people and hear a encouraging devotional to send you out the door with a spring in your step.

We have had 23 individuals/families come each of the last two times we’ve had the Mobile Thrift Center open. Many new folks are still coming to town, and now we have some coming who have either had their hours cut or been laid off. They are struggling to make ends meet and getting help from us with clothing and kitchen items encourages them to “hang” in there. Pray for all these families still trying to get established and find good jobs.

I’m leaving tomorrow for a month of classes. This is part of the process through The United Methodist Church, to build and grow the ministers in their organization. Please pray for Kathie while I’m gone, that she’ll be able to keep up with the Gathering Place and the Mobile Thrift Center. She is planning a big sort for later in the month. Watch this website and our Fb page for details. Help is always appreciated.

Fb page; Oil Rush Ministry

Thanks and God Bless

JIm and Kathie

BAkken Oil Rush Ministry.

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