Amazing totals from 3 day giveaway last week!



We had a amazing giveaway last week. we had over 100 families/individuals register. 51% were first time visitors.

We gave away 2,116 items to help people keep warm. Here is a sampling of items given: coats -89, hoodies – 124, sweaters/shirts – 452,

pants/jeans – 224, warm socks – 218, caps – 78, gloves – 109, winter boots – 44, P.J.’s – 146, blankets – 45. Lots of folks are warmer this week

than they were last week. We’re so grateful we’re here in Watford City to help the folks still moving into the area, and those struggling to

make ends meet. Thanks for supporting us with your prayers, finances and volunteer efforts!

Jim and Kathie

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