Exciting happenings at Annual Conference in Rapid City, SD!


These are pictures taken at our annual conference in Rapid City, SD.

The first picture is of our booth, showing people our story and mission in Watford City.

Second picture is of Kathie and I finishing up loading a 14 foot trailer full of donated goods for our Mobile Free Thrift Center. We filled this trailer, most of the Thrift Trailer is full and another smaller trailer is full. Most of the items are what we will need to help people this fall and winter. We received over 5,000 items which include coats, hoodies, blankets, towels, and warm socks.

The third picture is of us standing in front of a oil derrick filled with donations from the churches in the North and South Dakota conference of the United Methodist Churches.

What a terrific response, we were so encouraged and blessed by the giving and support of this conference.

Now, we need somewhere to store all these things until we can use them!

When we finish loading the rest of the goods tomorrow after lunch, we will be taking a 4 day break in the hills to rest. So, so looking forward to peace and quiet and the smell of the pines in the Black Hills.



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