Celebrate God’s goodness with us!

Kathie and I are working on a report for the UMC conference that we represent.

Thought you might like to see a few totals of the items we’ve been able to help people with since we opened up the Mobile Free Thrift Center in November…here goes!!

Coats – 224     Blankets – 158     Gloves/mittens – 138 pair     Hooded sweatshirts – 105     Caps – 97     Heaters -27    Warm socks – 149 pair.     Snowpants – 60     Towels – 139     8 each of the following coffee makers, crock pots, toasters. In addition, we gave away numbers of kitchen essentials, frying pans, silverware, dishes, and saucepots. Many other items of clothing too numerous to mention were also given to families.

What an amazing effort by so many people to make this happen. The people that donated to buy the pickup and camper, the people who have faithfully donated items to us these last 4 months and to all those who have helped us by moving, sorting and helping us find the things people were looking for in our trailer.

To all of you…Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and may God bless you all!

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