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2017 has been a very…very busy year!

My how Time has flown!

Comedy Cafe Event featuring comedian Jeff Allen coming to Watford City!

We are in our “new to us” building and are doing a major sorting of Thrift Items

Fundraiser for Bakken Oil Rush Ministry this Saurday, April 30th

Worship Cafe Event this Friday evening 6:45 pm

Today’s article in the McKenzie County Farmer tells our story!

New event this Saturday…Worship Cafe’ ….6:45 pm, Watford City Civic Center

Re-cap of our December Christmas Celebration event!

Special Christmas Event, December 19th, 6 PM, Civic Center

Mobile Thrift Center open Tuesday evening 5 to 7 pm. (December 1st)

Winter clothing giveaway Monday the 23rd and Tuesday the 24th

Successful Coat Giveaway

Fall Coat Giveaway is next week, October 22nd!

Gathering Place event this Saturday, October 10th

Indoor Bee-Free Picnic tomorrow night (Friday)

New Opportunity for Worship in Watford City, ND

Mobile Thrift Center open Tuesday. September 1st from 5 to 7 pm.

Gathering Place event tonight!

GAthering Place event moved to a new night!

We had a very busy give-away yeserday afternoon!

Our needs list has been updated!

Untitled – July 10, 2015

Gathering place event this Thursday, June 18th

Gathering Place event this Thursday, May 28th

Spring/Summer giveaway April 28th and 29th

NOTICE: Until further notice, we will no longer be accepting thrift donations!

Spring 2015 Spaghetti Dinner was enjoyed by 196 people!

We’ve had several small groups called, “The Gathering Place.”

Amazing totals from 3 day giveaway last week!

Big Winter Give-away going on Now!!

Big Winter Give-away Next Week!

Merry Christmas from Bakken Oil Rush Ministry!


Merry Christmas from Bakken Oil Rush Ministry!

Community meeting for Bakken Oil Rush Ministry tonight at 5:30

Followup meeting regarding support for Bakken Oil Rush Ministry is set

Important needs post!

Mobile Free Thrift Center to have expanded inventory Tuesday November 4th!

Coat giveaway was a huge success!

Updated Needs List

Getting ready for October 23rd coat giveaway.

We have not been getting messages sent to us through our website

Just finished 3 days of clothing giveaway. Lots of families helped!

Mobile Free Thrift Center open tomorrow, September 2nd, 5 to 7 pm.

Pre-Labor Day picnic…touching people!Pre-Labor Day Picnic…for You!!!

Pre-Labor Day Picnic…for You!!!

Mobile Free Thrift Center open tomorow August 19th!

Recap of Sidewalk Sonday School this past week.

Sidewalk Sunday School Is Coming To Town!

Mobile Free Thrift Center open tomorrow July 15th

18 families signed in today, representing 84 people

Ability to give to Bakken Oil Rush Ministry online now available!

Summer clothing and various kitchen/home items give-away!

Pictures of Thrift Center in Watford City Centennial Parade

Mobile Free Thrift Center to be in Watford City Centennial Parade


Mobile Free Thrift Center Open Tuesday, June 17th

Exciting happenings at Annual Conference in Rapid City, SD!

Terrific turnout for Spaghetti feed last night!

Notice…Notice.! Location change for Spaghetti feed

Spaghetti feed Thursday May 29th, 5 to 8:30 pm

We’re safe and sound in Watford City- Tornado missed us!

Untitled – May 17, 2014

Busy…Busy…Busy…but that’s good!

Mobile Free Thrift Center Open Thursday April 24th 11 am to 5 pm.

Get Together & Hang-Out Night!

Mobile Free Thrift Center open today (Tuesday) from 2-4 pm

Mobile Free Thrift Center open Thursday & Friday April 10th & 11th

Our “Think Spring” spaghetti feed was a success!

Reminder…Spaghetti feed, Friday, March 21st

“Busy…Busy…” says the Mobile Thrift Center!

Mobile Free Thrift Center!

Think Spring Spaghetti feed Friday March 21st

We’ve just updated our needs list for spring

Moving out winter gear time!!!

Change in Mobile thrift center operation this week

Note: Mobile free thrift center not open March 4th

Mobile Thrift Center open tomorrow

Celebrate God’s goodness with us!

Warming up people one event at a time!

Special setup tomorrow featuring coats and jeans

Mobile free thrift center open Tuesday, February 18th

Helping and being helped!

Expanded effort tomorrow with mobile thrift center!

What a week!

Mobile free thrift center open tomorrow Feb. 4th

New Photo tab added to webpage!


More good thrift items is a good thing!

Mobile Thrift Center set up tomorrow

Major thrift item sort in progress!

People helping people

Mobile Thrift Center operating tomorrow

Ready to help some folks on Tuesday

Report on New Years Eve Event

REMINDER…New Years Eve Event

Reminder…New Year’s Eve Event

Bakken Weekly prints article on Oil Rush Ministry

Merry Christmas!

New Years Eve Event

McKenzie Electric donates to Oil Rush Ministry

Mobile Free Thrift Center operating tomorrow

Bismark Tribune shares a story about our ministry in the Bakken

Having the… “I don’t understand my new computer blues!”

Pray for those living in marginal conditions in this cold

Another evening of the Mobile Thrift Center helping those in need

mobile thrift center at food pantry tomorrow

Oil Rush Ministry, Helping 100s as Winter Approaches – The Roundup

A day in the life of Jim and Kathie in the Bakken

Continuing to share our vision with the community

Needs list in now available on the Menu


Mckenzie County Farmer does article on Oil Rush Ministry

Thrift center setup at the food pantry site yesterday

Mobile free thrift Center reset for food pantry

Yesterday was a success!

Last coats being hung!

upcoming mobile thrift center event

The Mobile Free Thrift Center has launched!

setting up the mobile free thrift center

Mobile free thrift center is home

The unveiling of the mobile free thrift center!

Sorting…sorting…sorting for the thrift center!

Helpers with the Mobile Free Thrift Center Project

Abundance of Thrift Store goods

Pastor’s tour of the Bakken

Heading for a remodel!

Pickup for Oil Rush ministry now ours!


Here it is!

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Untitled – September 22, 2013

A Beginning

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