Month: September 2014

We have not been getting messages sent to us through our website

It was brought to our attention this past week by one of our United Methodist Pastors that she had tried to contact us several times concerning a project she was considering to aid in our ministry here. She did not get a response from us. I checked our incoming message board and there were no messages showing. Looking into it further, we discovered we had not received a message to our website since late May.

We are working to correct this problem. If you have tried to contact us through our website, be aware we did not receive it. We will post a notice when we have the problem corrected.

We have a email where you can contact us; and a FB page; Oil Rush Ministry.

Please use one of these avenues to contact us until we can correct this problem. Thank you.

Jim and Kathie Konsor

Just finished 3 days of clothing giveaway. Lots of families helped!


Tuesday, began a busy 3 days for the Mobile Free Thrift Center we helped 24 families representing 86 people with items to help them get established here in Watford City.

On Wednesday and Thursday in the Presbyterian Fellowship Hall we helped 73 families with over 1253 items.

We are making a difference and easing the burden of families trying to get a new start here in Watford City.

In the center picture, my wife Kathie, Kathy Tretter and Ginny stand behind a table of clothing ready to be given to families in need.

Thank you to all who support us in prayer, support us financially and have sent or brought donations. We are most grateful!

If you are not aware, there is a donate tab at the top of our webpage if you would like to donate to help our ministry.

We are always short of certain items, such as coffee pots, toasters, crock pots, frying pans, sauce pots, mens jeans, stocking caps and mens warm winter gloves. Any extra funds we get go to help supply what we cannot keep in supply.

Thanks for considering this opportunity to be a blessing. God Bless!

Mobile Free Thrift Center open tomorrow, September 2nd, 5 to 7 pm.

Tomorrow, the Mobile Free Thrift Center will be open from 5 to 7 pm at the First Presbyterian Church.

We are here to help you with your needs for clothing, bedding and/or basic kitchen items. If we don’t have it in our trailer, we probably can find it in our overstock storage.

Pass the word along to those you know who might benefit from what we have to offer.

Pre-Labor Day picnic…touching people!

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Had a wonderful picnic last Thursday in Tourist Park. We fed 200 people, many who have been through our Mobile Free Thrift Center, plus other folk who saw our posters, sidewalk signs, and FB posts on several sights.

We were blessed to have 24 people help with setup, serving and cleanup. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Kathie and I also did several sets of music for the people to enjoy during the evening. Developing relationships with people is what it’s all about. God help us to encourage people working to get established here in Watford City.