Pictures of Thrift Center in Watford City Centennial Parade


Centennial parade was yesterday morning at 10 am. Skies heavy with potential rain, fortunately,  just a few sprinkles until we were just about done, then it picked up a little, but we didn’t get drenched!

We had a friend drive the unit and had several others throw out candy, while Kathie and I walked alongside of the unit and handed out brochures to those interested, telling them more about our ministry here.

Because it was the centennia,l there were a lot of former residents in attendance who now are aware of the ministry we have in their former town. I’m also sure they’re are local folks who perhaps saw us for the first time. Exposure is good!

Thanks for all you are doing to support our ministry here in Watford City!

I will have a seperate post in the next day or so sharing about the new tab we have added to our website, allowing people to donate to us directly online from our website. We hope this will be helpful and useful for those following us and for us as well.

God Bless, have a great weekend!


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