Month: June 2014

Ability to give to Bakken Oil Rush Ministry online now available!


We have added a donate tab to our website. We have been asked if there was a easy way to support our ministry here in the Bakken Oil field. Now there is, just click on the donate tab and options are available there for you to use.

Everything that we give away has been donated to us. We operate out of this 29 foot travel unit. We store donated items in the basement of  the Glory of the Lord church as well as 2 storage units we rent. We sort the donated items in the fellowship hall of the First Presbyterian church. We are praying for a place where we can sort and store the donated items in one location.

In Watford City, everything is expensive, and available buildings seem to be out of reach for us because of price.

We are praying for land and/or a building where we can operate the Thrift Center, have 3-4 rooms for people to stay while finding jobs and housing, a multi-purpose room for holding events, washers and dryers that families can use short-term, a full kitchen for cooking and baking for events and for women to be able to make items that they can’t in their small camper ovens.

This is just a short overview of what we wish to accomplish here in Watford City.

New families are moving here virtually everyday, hoping for a new start. We want to do all we can to help them and make them feel welcome.

We would appreciate any help you can give us. Thank you for considering donating to this front-line ministry.

God Bless you!

Jim and Kathie

Summer clothing and various kitchen/home items give-away!



As you can see from the poster, (if you can read it) we are having a big three day giveaway.

We have lots of summer clothing; kids, youth, mens, and womens. We will also have some items that we can’t carry in the Thrift trailer because of limited space, things like a microwave, vacuum cleaner, some kids toys and other miscellaneous items.

We want to help people with what they need as well as make some room for fall and winter items.

Please pass the word along to anyone who you think might benefit from what we have available.

Hours are: July 1st and 2nd from 2 to 8 pm and July 3rd from 10 am to 2 pm.

Location: First Presbyterian Church, 3 1/2 blocks east of Carquest.

Pictures of Thrift Center in Watford City Centennial Parade


Centennial parade was yesterday morning at 10 am. Skies heavy with potential rain, fortunately,  just a few sprinkles until we were just about done, then it picked up a little, but we didn’t get drenched!

We had a friend drive the unit and had several others throw out candy, while Kathie and I walked alongside of the unit and handed out brochures to those interested, telling them more about our ministry here.

Because it was the centennia,l there were a lot of former residents in attendance who now are aware of the ministry we have in their former town. I’m also sure they’re are local folks who perhaps saw us for the first time. Exposure is good!

Thanks for all you are doing to support our ministry here in Watford City!

I will have a seperate post in the next day or so sharing about the new tab we have added to our website, allowing people to donate to us directly online from our website. We hope this will be helpful and useful for those following us and for us as well.

God Bless, have a great weekend!

Mobile Free Thrift Center to be in Watford City Centennial Parade

good thrift pic

This Friday, June, 27th, at 10 am,  is Watford City’s Centennial parade.

We have entered our Mobile Free Thrift Trailer in the parade to make more people aware that we are here in Watford City, and that we are here to help all the people we can.

We hope to have a banner on either the trailer or the pickup that says, “Helping new families make Watford City home.”

Come out and support the centennial if you are able.

Candy will be thrown out for the kids. Are you still a kid?…See you there!

Mobile Free Thrift Center Open Tuesday, June 17th

The Mobile Free Thrift Center will be open tomorrow (June 17th) from 2 to 4:30 pm at the First Presbyterian church.

It is located 3 and 1/2 blocks East of Carquest on 4th Ave.

IF you are in need of clothing or items for your kitchen from dishes to small appliances, we may have what you need. We are here to help!

Please pass this information on to those you know whom it might help. Thanks!

Exciting happenings at Annual Conference in Rapid City, SD!


These are pictures taken at our annual conference in Rapid City, SD.

The first picture is of our booth, showing people our story and mission in Watford City.

Second picture is of Kathie and I finishing up loading a 14 foot trailer full of donated goods for our Mobile Free Thrift Center. We filled this trailer, most of the Thrift Trailer is full and another smaller trailer is full. Most of the items are what we will need to help people this fall and winter. We received over 5,000 items which include coats, hoodies, blankets, towels, and warm socks.

The third picture is of us standing in front of a oil derrick filled with donations from the churches in the North and South Dakota conference of the United Methodist Churches.

What a terrific response, we were so encouraged and blessed by the giving and support of this conference.

Now, we need somewhere to store all these things until we can use them!

When we finish loading the rest of the goods tomorrow after lunch, we will be taking a 4 day break in the hills to rest. So, so looking forward to peace and quiet and the smell of the pines in the Black Hills.