Month: May 2014

Terrific turnout for Spaghetti feed last night!


At least 173 people were feed last night and enjoyed an evening of fellowship.

We changed the location from the Presbyterian church to the civic center because we had our Mobile Free Thrift Center setup there during the afternoon as part of a mulit-agency operation to allow those affected by the tornado and storm to be able to come to one place for the help they needed.

So we went from sighup table to thrift trailer to kitchen and back to get everything ready while helping people with their needs.

Thank the Lord we had extra help during the afternoon in the kitchen and also in the trailer.

People were so grateful for the help with our Thrift Center and also to get a good hot meal.

The help we had from folks from at least 3 different churches was tremondous! We had help with setup, cooking, serving, cleanup and moving everything out. We are humbled by the servant hearts of the people who worked tirelessly to make the evening a success.

We just pray that it encouraged people struggling to make connections in a new community and was helpful to those recovering from the losses suffered during the tornado. 9 people were hurt, one 15 year old girl in critical condition in the Minot, ND hospital, the rest treated here in Watford City.

We helped one couple who were in their camper when the tornado hit, it picked up the campe,r tore it apart and they were thrown to the ground. Beat up but alive. The man ended up having the shoes sucked right off of his feet from the power and winds of the tornado. We helped him with shoes and other clothing they needed.

Thanks to all of you who are supporting us with prayer and finances to continue helping people in this ever expanding part of ND.

We will be in Rapid City, SD next week for the Annual conference of the UMC churches, and to share what we’ve experienced here so far…and that’s a lot!

God’s blessings on you all!

Notice…Notice.! Location change for Spaghetti feed


Spaghetti feed is still on for Thursday evening May 29th  from 5 to 8:30

Location is changed to the Civic Center.

Please use the East door  which faces the Post Office.

We are changing the location because we will have our Thrift Center Trailer setup there throughout the afternoon to help the Red Cross and other agencies meet the needs of the families and individuals displaced by Monday’s tornado.

Please tell your friends of this location change and invite them to attend.

The spaghetti tastes great and will be served with bread sticks, salad, and dessert.

It’s a great night for good…free food and fellowship!

Feel free to repost to sites that you feel will help get the word out. Thanks!


Spaghetti feed Thursday May 29th, 5 to 8:30 pm



You don’t want to miss this! The one we had several months ago was well attended and guess what? It tasted great…and was free!

Please tell your friends and come yourself.

First Presbyterian Church 3 1/2 blocks east of Carquest.

It’s a meal you don’t have to fix yourself, you can meet and hang with other folks transplanted to the Bakken…and you will have a solid roof over your head!

Serving from 5 to 8:30 pm. Come as you are!

Sorry about the quality of the picture, we’re having “issues” with our phone and computer. Come anyway!

Please pass the word along. We’re running behind on notification due to a out of town funeral for a family member, so your “word of mouth” advertising will be most helpful.

See you Thursday!

We’re safe and sound in Watford City- Tornado missed us!

This will be just a quick post to let you know that we are fine. Our Mobile Free Thrift Center sustained  some “dimples” from hail.

It could have been so much worse, and we’ve seen a lot of hail damage.

We’ve been able to help some families needing clothing and in one case, we helped a couple whose camper was lifted in the air spinning and they were thrown out of it. They sustained lacerations but were not seriously hurt. The man actually had his shoes sucked right off of his feet. Yes, we were able to help him with some shoes.

Tomorrow we will meet with the Red Cross and other agencies to co-ordinate our efforts to make sure we are meeting all of the need and that people know where to go for help.

Housing for the displaced is a big deal because there is such a severe housing shortage. Please pray with us that housing will be found for all of those who lost their housing to the tornado.


Thursday we had the Mobile Free Thrift Center open at the First Presbyterian church. We also setup 7 or 8 tables inside the fellowship hall with additional clothing. We were very busy with people looking for clothing and  kitchen items.

The first picture is of the ladies that worked the Relay for Life rummage sale. They invited us to come and pick out items we could use in our thrift center when their sale was nearing it’s end. We picked up some very nice items for our unit. Thank You ladies for your help and giving us a call.

The second picture is of the Marc Frederickson family who came to Watford City from Georgia to do some missions work. We “found” each other and they ended up helping us all day by moving bags from the Glory of the Lord church basement to the Presbyterian church to be setup. They helped with setup and also helped people find items they needed and carried the items out  for people that needed help. Additionally, they helped sort bags and boxes of unsorted goods. THEN, they helped us pack it all up when we closed up for the day and take it all out to 3 different places. Wonderful family and great workers. We treated them to pizza when we finally finished.

It was a long day, but we were able to help over 20 family units and accomplished a lot of sorting as well.

We also had at least 3 different people bring items to donate to the thrift center. What a day!

Busy…Busy…Busy…but that’s good!

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Time flies and so much has happened in the last week.

The first picture is of a MSN news page from this last Sunday. Josh Wood,s a AP reporter did a article talking about the challenges of doing missions work in the Bakken. We were part of that article. It appeared on the front page of the Bismark Tribune and also hit some national outlets such as the Washington Post, The New York Times, The Arizona Sun, plus numerous others totalling at least 75 different outlets. We are praying that it results in some attention and help for the ministry we are trying to do here in Watford City.

I must mention that we had about 40 people last Friday night for our game and super nachos family night. We had a enjoyable time and met some new people and also several families that have visited our Mobile Free Thrift Center attended. That is the point…Two Thumbs up!

The second picture is of our friend Jim Mitchell, who is helping unload the utility trailer we have been using for storage of thrift items. We need to return the traile,r so had to rent a storage unit short-term until we can locate a space that will allow us to sort and store at the same place and hopefully on ground floor level.

The third picture is of shelves that we built in the basement of the Glory of the Lord Church. We store thrift items down there as well and also do some sorting. The area is not big enoug,h so it quickly becomes overrun with bags and boxes and then we have no room to work. The shelves (though temporary) will allow us to use wall space and have 3 levels to put things on, which will also allow us to find items we need for stocking the thrift Trailer.

Gotta run, another interview is coming that will focus on our space issues. Hopefully, it will get the attention of some people that can help us move forward.

God Bless, and keep us in your prayers!

Jim and Kathie

Bakken Oil Rush Ministry