What a week!

Tuesday we set up at the food pantry site again. We were very busy. We helped 15 family units and 11 of them were visiting us for the first time. This isn’t all inclusive but here is an idea of what we helped families with. Coats-12, snowpants/coveralls-5, blankets-18, heaters-7, pillows-7, hooded sweatshirts-17, plus gloves, hats, crockpots, toasters, coffee pots, dishes, pots, pans, silverware, sweaters, warms socks etc.

Folks, think of the difference we are making for these families trying to get established up here in the Bakken. Folks have been and are being so generous to supply us with the goods to help these people. God bless you!

Today, we picked up a whole pickup load of thrift items collected by two churches in Beulah, and Hazen ND.

I received a email tonight from a friend who has been helping us all along saying he was shipping us 15 new hooded sweatshirts to help with our need for more.

God is so good and we are blessed to see the looks on the faces of the folks receiving the help and to hear their heartfelt “thank you’s” really warms our hearts. We wish you could hear them too.

Just a quick tally Kathie and I did tonight reveals that we have helped 81 to 85 family units so far in addition to the 90 coats we gave away in November. Folks, together we are making a difference!

Thanks again!

Your friends in ministry in the Bakken

Jim and Kathie






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