Major thrift item sort in progress!



First picture is of two groups of young people that helped us move the bags of thrift items that needed to be sorted from the basement of one church to the fellowship hall of another. Thanks to the Lutheran Brethren youth and the youth from Crosspointe Wesleyan. We couldn’t have done it without them. The 2nd picture is of the bags and boxes we moved. The basement room just wasn’t big enough to sort in and as you can see we needed extra help to sort. 

Special thanks to the four gals and the little sweetie, (third pic) who helped Kathie and I today to wade through the bags. Believe it or not we got through all the bags today. It’s not all sorted by size and season yet, but we hope to finish tomorrow. Kathie and I finally called it quits about 7:30 tonight. Needless to say, we are whipped!

Thanks to all who have donated to make this mobile thrift center mission possible. This is certainly a team effort!

With all the items donated we are constantly short of several items. Here is the list; men’s coats, gloves, coverall, hooded sweatshirts, and towels. Anything you can do is appreciated.

With much appreciation;

Jim and Kathie

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