People helping people

As we were setup at the food pantry on Tuesday and listened to stories of people trying to get a fresh start, coming from the south, Wyoming and the Phillipines, one thought kept coming through. I was looking at all of the items in the mobile thrift center, thinking about the variety and quality of the items and the numbers of people who had called, delivered items and encouraged others to get involved.

This is a huge undertaking and could not happen without the help of a lot of people. Thank you everyone who has helped and those who are “thinking” about helping. We need all of the help we can get.

The extreme cold has been very hard on people living in campers. Trying to stay warm, keep pipes thawed and having enough propane and heaters to keep the unit warm.

Besides the donations of money and clothing etc., we need prayer. We want to make sure that we are reaching the people that need the help the most, and that we will have the items they need.

We are in a constant battle to keep enough men’s coats, gloves, coveralls, boots, and hats on hand. If you have some good warm men’s things, we can surely use them.

Thanks for all you are doing and passing the word along, both to those in need, and those who can donate.

God Bless;

Jim and Kathie










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