Month: January 2014

New Photo tab added to webpage!

How we wish to operate!
How we wish to operate!

I’m a visual guy. Thought maybe some others are as well (guys & gals).

We’ve added a tab to see a pictorial view of where we’ve been so far. Enjoyed the review myself, hope you do as well. Comments are welcome. God Bless! More pics and victories to follow.

Here’s the link!  Photos


More good thrift items is a good thing!



Cornerstone UMC in Watertown SD collected an amazing amount of needed items in the last few days. were able to pick them up today. Lots of blankets, coats, towels, bedding, hats, gloves, several pair of coveralls, and as they say much, much more. Totally filled up the box of the pickup and the entire inside of the cab with the exception of the drivers seat.

Thank you, thank you to our “home” church for their continued great support!

Many families in the Watford City area will be blessed because of it.

Jim and Kathie


Mobile Thrift Center set up tomorrow

Getting the word out. The Mobile Free Thrift Center will be setup tomorrow from 2-4 pm.

Location is at the First Lutheran Church, where the food pantry will also be operating. 1 block west of Napa from Main Street.

We have just completed a huge sort of thrift items. We have coats, heaters, warm socks, gloves, bedding, blankets, towels, coffee pots, lots of sweatshirts, sweaters, flannel shirts, and as they say…much, much more!

If you have a need or know someone else who does, please come see us. We’d love to help and encourage you!

Jim and Kathie

Major thrift item sort in progress!



First picture is of two groups of young people that helped us move the bags of thrift items that needed to be sorted from the basement of one church to the fellowship hall of another. Thanks to the Lutheran Brethren youth and the youth from Crosspointe Wesleyan. We couldn’t have done it without them. The 2nd picture is of the bags and boxes we moved. The basement room just wasn’t big enough to sort in and as you can see we needed extra help to sort. 

Special thanks to the four gals and the little sweetie, (third pic) who helped Kathie and I today to wade through the bags. Believe it or not we got through all the bags today. It’s not all sorted by size and season yet, but we hope to finish tomorrow. Kathie and I finally called it quits about 7:30 tonight. Needless to say, we are whipped!

Thanks to all who have donated to make this mobile thrift center mission possible. This is certainly a team effort!

With all the items donated we are constantly short of several items. Here is the list; men’s coats, gloves, coverall, hooded sweatshirts, and towels. Anything you can do is appreciated.

With much appreciation;

Jim and Kathie

People helping people

As we were setup at the food pantry on Tuesday and listened to stories of people trying to get a fresh start, coming from the south, Wyoming and the Phillipines, one thought kept coming through. I was looking at all of the items in the mobile thrift center, thinking about the variety and quality of the items and the numbers of people who had called, delivered items and encouraged others to get involved.

This is a huge undertaking and could not happen without the help of a lot of people. Thank you everyone who has helped and those who are “thinking” about helping. We need all of the help we can get.

The extreme cold has been very hard on people living in campers. Trying to stay warm, keep pipes thawed and having enough propane and heaters to keep the unit warm.

Besides the donations of money and clothing etc., we need prayer. We want to make sure that we are reaching the people that need the help the most, and that we will have the items they need.

We are in a constant battle to keep enough men’s coats, gloves, coveralls, boots, and hats on hand. If you have some good warm men’s things, we can surely use them.

Thanks for all you are doing and passing the word along, both to those in need, and those who can donate.

God Bless;

Jim and Kathie










Mobile Thrift Center operating tomorrow

Just a reminder! The Mobile Free Thrift Center will be set up tomorrow from 5 to 7 pm at the First Lutheran Church of Watford City.

We are set up there to aid the people coming to the food pantry that is operated from there.

If you are in need of warm clothing, blankets, basic kitchen items and small appliances, please stop by. We would love to be able to help you. God Bless!

Ready to help some folks on Tuesday



Ready to help folks warm up on Tuesday when we will set up the Mobile Thrift Center at the food pantry at the 1st Lutheran Church in Watford City.

If you are in need  of warm coats, blankets, hats, gloves, warm socks, bedding etc., come on Tuesday, 5 to 7 pm, and we’ll do what we can to help.

If weather is a issue we’ll put a post on our website and FB pages.

Report on New Years Eve Event



Folks enjoying food, fellowship and games New Year’s Eve night. We had 25 people attend. Met a few new people who saw our posters and sidewalk sighs uptown. It’s a place to start and build from. We are in a learning process  on how to reach people and make them aware of our events. We used our website, FB page, posters, email contacts, church contacts, and flyers we handed out at our mobile free thrift center setups.

Thanks to those who brought food, helped with serving, and mingled with the new folks. Your help is appreciated!

Watch for future “Gathering events” soon. We will post them here and on FB.

Happy New Year!..and try to stay warm!

Jim and Kathie