Month: December 2013

REMINDER…New Years Eve Event

Would love to see you at the Presbyterian church fellowship hall on 4th Ave East tomorrow night from 7 pm until 2014.

Stay as long as you wish and come when you can. Will have food, games, fun, movie for the kids and maybe also for the adults.

Please feel free to come…that’s why we’re doing this so you can have a place to go and enjoy the company of others.

See you there!

Reminder…New Year’s Eve Event


Just a reminder about our New Years Eve event on Tuesday evening at the Presbyterian Church Fellowship hall. If you want somewhere to go and hang out with other people, play some games and eat some good food…please come! We are running the event from 7-12 or so. Tell your friends and if you wish, bring some snacks along. We will have sloppy joes, chips, soda, coffee, and some sweets.  We would love to see you! If it’s cold outside…we’ll have it warm inside. Come when you can leave when you must. Hope to see you Tuesday evening.  P.S. If you have a favorite game…bring it along!


Bakken Weekly prints article on Oil Rush Ministry

A article on the Bakken Oil rush Ministry was printed in the Bakken Weekly paper which covers most of the oilfield on Saturday Dec. 19th. If you did not see the article in the Bismark Tribune a week or so ago…take a look. Here is the link.  

What is helpful about this article is that it reaches people that work in the oilfield, it is free and they are more likely to read it. It hopefully will get into the hands of the people we are trying to help. Thank God for this type of favor.

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Merry Christmas!


Kathie and I would like to wish all of our new friends on the Bakken Oil Rush Ministry website and FB page a Merry Christmas.

As we reflect on the past few months we have been in Watford City, (Moved August 13th) we are amazed at what God has done to allow us to meet and make friends with so many people in such a short time.

We can’t begin to name the friends who have helped us get this ministry up and rolling. We can, however, thank those who gave financially in both North and South Dakota to make this possible. To those men in Watertown who renovated the toyhauler trailer and turned it into a usable “Mobile Free Thrift Center.” To the Dakotas Annual Conference of the UMC who believed in us enough to send us there to begin a work. To the Pastors in Watford City who have embraced us and befriended us on so many levels…we thank you!

To the many churches in the Dakotas and individuals in Watford City and other towns who have answered our pleas for warm winter wear and blankets. We say thank you!

To Social Services and especially to Stacy, who has championed our cause at every turn…thank you!

To Pastor Barb, and the Glory of the Lord Church for giving us a place to park our thrift center and have a place to sort the donated items, we say thanks!

To Pastor Diane and the Presbyterian Church for opening their arms to us and allowing us to use their fellowship hall to help people, we say thanks!

To those of you who have helped us sort thrift items, and  worked with us to supply people with what they needed as they came through the Mobile Thrift Center, we say thank you!

To those of you who we have been able to help, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and show you Christ’s love in a tangible way.

With hearts full of gratitude, we say thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Jim and Kathie


New Years Eve Event


If you’d like somewhere to go on New Years Eve, eat some food and meet some new people and play some games…then meet us in the fellowship hall of the Presbtyerian church on 4th Ave NW, Watford City ND. anytime between 7 PM and Midnight.

It’s open to anyone who wishes to come. You don’t need to be alone.

If you’d like to bring a game or some snacks feel free, but it is not a requirement. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at our email which is:

Hope to see you there!

Jim and Kathie Konsor

McKenzie Electric donates to Oil Rush Ministry

McKenzieElectric 002What a day! Pictured is Brenda from McKenzie County Electric making a $400 donation to our mission in Watford City. She had heard that we were doing “good things” to help the less fortunate in the Watford City area. (Thank you Stacy) She met us at the thrift center where we were set up this afternoon in conjunction with the food pantry. We were the busiest we have ever been. We also were able to give gifts to children of needy families through a partnership with a group called, Women of the Bakken, who donated gifts to help make this a Merrier Christmas.

What we have found interesting is how we just “happen” to have what people are looking for. We had a man looking for insulated coveralls and Kathie was sure we had no more left. She decided to take another look and found a pair that had fallen off of the back of the basket we stored them in. It “just happened” to be the right size and he was thrilled to death to have them. And we were reminded again how God cares for each one and their needs. There are numerous stories like this that “happen” each time we set up. Thank God for being present in what we’re doing and for all of you who have donated items that we have been able to pass on to these people. We are blessed to help and they are blessed, being helped.

Jim and Kathie

Mobile Free Thrift Center operating tomorrow

Just a reminder to those following us on our website that the mobile center will be set up tomorrow from 2 to 4 pm at the First Lutheran Church in conjunction with the food pantry. We are fully stocked and have plenty of blankets, lots of coats, heavy socks, toasters, dishes, bedding, including pillows, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, lots of flannel shirts and sweaters as well as gloves and caps… You get the idea.  If you are in need or know of someone who is, please inform them  so we can help meet their needs. That’s why we’re here!

Thanks to all of you who have donated items to our thrift center to make helping these people possible. God Bless!

Jim and Kathie


Bismark Tribune shares a story about our ministry in the Bakken

Todays edition of the Bismark Tribune has a article about our ministry in Watford City as well as the expanded effort being made by the Faith UMC church in Williston to reach those in need. I hope you get a chance to read the article. We’re thankful for the press and exposure because we believe it will take a lot of people working together to reach all of the people who are needing help. It seems overwhelming at times. We just have to remember that God is more than able to provide everything we need to touch these people with the love of Jesus. The link is:

Having the… “I don’t understand my new computer blues!”

Thank the Lord for the new computer provided for us. Our old one was 6 years old and counting and getting slower by the day…even slower than us!

I haven’t yet figured out how to get my pictures on the new one set up, and that drives me bonkers! So I’ll try to paint word pictures that that you can see without a picture.

Kathie and I rang the bell, played her keyboard, and sang for 4 hours Tuesday night at the local Cashwise foods store for the Salvation Army. We met a lot of neat, caring, giving people.

We have had calls from local folks wanting to give coats and blankets, which we need and are grateful for.

We have been sorting and refilling the mobile free thrift center for next Tuesday when we will be set up at the food pantry from 2-4 pm.

We are currently working with a local group who is collecting gifts for kids in need in the Watford City area. They have asked us to distribute these gifts to children that we know are in need this Christmas season. What a blessing that will be to those families!

Also, it appears that there will be a article on our mission in the Bakken coming out in the Bismark Tribune this Saturday in the Faith section. When we are sure it’s there we will post a link on our website and FB page.

God Bless and keep praying that we find and help the people in the Watford City area that need it the most.

The end of our first post on the new computer…Yeah!!!

Pray for those living in marginal conditions in this cold

Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are living in campers that are not equiped for this kind of cold. In reality, none of the campers are built for this kind of weather. We ask that you pray these folks are able to keep warm and safe.  We want to make sure we are reaching the people that need the help the most.

We have been able to help a man who lost his housing to a fire several nights ago. We gave him bedding, blankets and some clothing. We will also help him with kitchen items when he has a new place to live. We were glad we had the items to help him. We also have been able to help several more who needed heaters.

We are in real need of more mens winter wear, boots, coats, coveralls, gloves etc. We also could use some more new small heaters. If  you are able to help with any of these items, please let us know. God Bless…and pray for warmer weather!

Jim and Kathie