Month: November 2013

The Mobile Free Thrift Center has launched!

thrift trailer-Chamber 003 (Small)

Kathie, Melody Schuetze, Angela Smith, Mary Gumke and Danna Roff toured the mobile free thrift center after we spoke at the Watford City Chamber of Commerce Meeting today.

THEN…we headed to the food pantry site and helped people with coats, blankets, caps, gloves, towels, snow pants and even several heaters. Their grateful response really touched our hearts. One family had stored their blankets under their camper in a container that ended up with moisture in it and all their blankets were full of mildrew. They were absolutely astounded that we would help them replace their lost blankets and couldn’t thank us enough. I think we felt more blessed than they did. Thank you to all who have worked to make this happen by donating items, money and time working on the trailer. You are part of our team! Thank you!

setting up the mobile free thrift center

setting up trailer-13 002

Worked hard today on setting up the mobile free thrift center. We will be speaking at the Watford City Chamber of Commerce meeting tomorrow. We are taking the trailer to the meeting so the members can see it both outside and inside. It’s not completely ready, but close enough to give them a good idea what we will have and how it’s set up. We’re excited to show it.

Lots and lots of hard work have gone into this project to get to this point by many, many friends with great hearts. We are grateful for the support we are receiving. God Bless each one!

Mobile free thrift center is home

Returned to Watford City last night after a intense week of sorting donated items for the thrift center, picking up the trailer after having the graphic work done, driving in freezing rain and fog…and then two days of NW winds as we journeyed back home

We are trying to get it organized for tuesday when we will be speaking at the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting. We intend to take the trailer with us and allow the members to see the thrift center set up on the inside. The graphics on the outside are very visible and we are so pleased with how they turned out.

We are leaving soon for Sidney and Richey, Montana where we will be singing and sharing our vision for the oilfield ministry in two Sunday am services.