A day in the life of Jim and Kathie in the Bakken

Thought I’d just share events from a day here in Watford City and all that can and does happen.This is not all  in the correct order of the day cuz I’m too tired to do that. Here goes!

Planned to take a load of items we cannot use here to Williston to the Salvation Army.

Pick up the license plate for the thrift trailer.

Go to the DMV and find out how to get plates when the ones supposedly sent to us never came. (Was successful)

Received a call from a man wanting to return to Florida who was looking for several weeks of work. Made several calls to prospective people but came up empty.

Received a call from a man with a Bakken newpaper wanting to do some kind of article on our ministry. Gave him webswite info and the newspaper article done here in Watford.

Received a call from a realtor letting me know of a garage and a lot for sale on the north edge of town, encouraging me to look at it.

Received a call from a man moving to Williston that had some coats and blankets…wondered if we could use them. Directed him where they should go.

Kathie talked to another gal who wanted to drop off some clothes and kitchen items…Gave directions.

Responded to a email asking if there was anything we needed. I said yes, and gave the information that we needed men’s coats, gloves, hooded sweatshirts, and bib/coveralls.

Called Cornerstone in Watertown sharing the same information asking if maybe a email could be sent out…found out it had already been done.  (We have a great support group in Watertown…Yes we do!)

Stopped this morning at the church where people drop off things for us and found 5-6 coats…YES!

Received a call from Ken from Cornerstone telling us he had the new computer that people in the church had given money for and that we needed to get it registered. (Thank God for the new computer..this one is 6 years old!)

Came home and went to a community Thanksgiving service sponsored by the Ministerial Association.

Loaded and helped move the sound system back to a local church after the service.

Thought we should stop and check the entry of the church again and found 8-10 bags and boxes of more donated goods which we took to the back of the church and then hauled down the basement.

Home at 9:15 pm…received a call from a old college friend we haven’t seen since Bible college days. Making plans to get together soon. They live about 100 miles from here.

Thats it folks..We’re tired…maybe a little ice cream and hit the hay!

Hope this was interesting….and yes, we can use your prayers!

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