Continuing to share our vision with the community

This morning at the Presbyterian church, we were given a few minutes to share how we came to be in Watford City and what we hope to accomplish through the mobile thrift center and the gathering place. The gathering place will be in the Presbyterian churches fellowship hall. This will begin in December and will give us an opportunity to meet and fellowship with some of the oilfield workers who have found Watford City to be their home.

We will do some meals, some music and also look at doing a evening worship service for those who work days and are not able to attend Sunday Services. This will evolve and change as we find out what the needs of the workers coming in are. We want to do things that are beneficial to them and help alleviate the lonliness many of them feel being away from home.

We have been busy restocking and sorting the mobile thrift center since our visit to the food pantry on Tuesday.

We are in immediate need of hooded sweatshirts, mens bibs and coveralls, mens jackets, heavy socks, more blankets, (they have gone quickly), bath towels, and adult gloves. Thanks for anything you can do.

We will be visiting the Weslyan church at Johnson Corners this evening for their Thanksgiving and fellowship meal. We are looking forward to meeting some of God’s people in this area.

Be Blessed, and thanks for praying for and partnering with us.

Jim and Kathie

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