Oil Rush Ministry, Helping 100s as Winter Approaches – The Roundup

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via Oil Rush Ministry, Helping 100s as Winter Approaches – The Roundup.


A day in the life of Jim and Kathie in the Bakken

Thought I’d just share events from a day here in Watford City and all that can and does happen.This is not all  in the correct order of the day cuz I’m too tired to do that. Here goes!

Planned to take a load of items we cannot use here to Williston to the Salvation Army.

Pick up the license plate for the thrift trailer.

Go to the DMV and find out how to get plates when the ones supposedly sent to us never came. (Was successful)

Received a call from a man wanting to return to Florida who was looking for several weeks of work. Made several calls to prospective people but came up empty.

Received a call from a man with a Bakken newpaper wanting to do some kind of article on our ministry. Gave him webswite info and the newspaper article done here in Watford.

Received a call from a realtor letting me know of a garage and a lot for sale on the north edge of town, encouraging me to look at it.

Received a call from a man moving to Williston that had some coats and blankets…wondered if we could use them. Directed him where they should go.

Kathie talked to another gal who wanted to drop off some clothes and kitchen items…Gave directions.

Responded to a email asking if there was anything we needed. I said yes, and gave the information that we needed men’s coats, gloves, hooded sweatshirts, and bib/coveralls.

Called Cornerstone in Watertown sharing the same information asking if maybe a email could be sent out…found out it had already been done.  (We have a great support group in Watertown…Yes we do!)

Stopped this morning at the church where people drop off things for us and found 5-6 coats…YES!

Received a call from Ken from Cornerstone telling us he had the new computer that people in the church had given money for and that we needed to get it registered. (Thank God for the new computer..this one is 6 years old!)

Came home and went to a community Thanksgiving service sponsored by the Ministerial Association.

Loaded and helped move the sound system back to a local church after the service.

Thought we should stop and check the entry of the church again and found 8-10 bags and boxes of more donated goods which we took to the back of the church and then hauled down the basement.

Home at 9:15 pm…received a call from a old college friend we haven’t seen since Bible college days. Making plans to get together soon. They live about 100 miles from here.

Thats it folks..We’re tired…maybe a little ice cream and hit the hay!

Hope this was interesting….and yes, we can use your prayers!

Continuing to share our vision with the community

This morning at the Presbyterian church, we were given a few minutes to share how we came to be in Watford City and what we hope to accomplish through the mobile thrift center and the gathering place. The gathering place will be in the Presbyterian churches fellowship hall. This will begin in December and will give us an opportunity to meet and fellowship with some of the oilfield workers who have found Watford City to be their home.

We will do some meals, some music and also look at doing a evening worship service for those who work days and are not able to attend Sunday Services. This will evolve and change as we find out what the needs of the workers coming in are. We want to do things that are beneficial to them and help alleviate the lonliness many of them feel being away from home.

We have been busy restocking and sorting the mobile thrift center since our visit to the food pantry on Tuesday.

We are in immediate need of hooded sweatshirts, mens bibs and coveralls, mens jackets, heavy socks, more blankets, (they have gone quickly), bath towels, and adult gloves. Thanks for anything you can do.

We will be visiting the Weslyan church at Johnson Corners this evening for their Thanksgiving and fellowship meal. We are looking forward to meeting some of God’s people in this area.

Be Blessed, and thanks for praying for and partnering with us.

Jim and Kathie

Needs list in now available on the Menu

We now have available our current needs for the Mobile Free Thrift Center.

You may access it from the menu or click here.

Items that you wish to donate may be dropped off in the front entry of the Glory of the Lord church which is just east of Carquest auto parts at the north end of main street.

You may also email us at jameskonsor@gmail.com to arrange for us to pickup your donations.

Many people from different towns and states  are accessing this website, so this is a reminder that we are in Watford City, ND.

Thanks for all your help and for passing the word along about our ministry.

Jim and Kathie

Thrift center setup at the food pantry site yesterday

food pantry pic

Yesterday was a busy day! We set up at the First Lutheran church where the food pantry is housed. We’ll just give you an idea of the help we were able to be to families. We helped 59 people with many different items. Warm clothing was a big item on the list.

It was 45 degrees yesterday…today it is 9 degrees and snowing. Folks got what they needed in the nick of time. 27 hooded sweatshirts, 25 coats, 46 pair of warm socks, 30 pair of gloves, 20 caps, 36 blankets, 22 snowpants or coveralls, plus scarves, heaters, housewares, coffee pots, toaster, towels, bedsheets, etc.

We prayed with a gal who has terminal cancer. Folks, there are a lot of hurting people and a lot of need.Please, pray for Rebekah and her husband.  We couldn’t have helped all of these people yesterday without the support of money and thrift items that you have provided for us to give.

More warm socks, gloves/mittens, caps, blankets and hooded sweatshirts are needed as well as snowpants/coveralls and coats. Thanks for your help…God Bless!  

Jim and Kathie

Mobile free thrift Center reset for food pantry

It’s quite a process to reset the mobile thrift center from being set up with 200 coats to being ready to help people with sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, caps, gloves, scarves, blankets and some kitchen items. However, mission is accomplished. We will be set up tomorrow  in the First Lutheran church parking lot from 2 to 4 pm. The food pantry operates in the basement of the church and it is a good opportunity for us to reach people in need. Again, we must thank all of you who have donated items, money and time to make this effort possible. Special thanks to Kathy Tretter who worked very hard today with Kathie to sort and restock the mobile thrift center. Kathy, you were a Godsend to us today…Thank You!